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Classic Tequila Sour Recipe

Classic Tequila Sour Recipe
  April 12, 2024

Classic Tequila Sour Recipe

A tequila sour is a refreshing and tart cocktail that is similar to a margarita, but made with tequila instead of rum. It is typically made with tequila, lemon or lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white, and is often garnished with a lime wedge or maraschino cherry.

Here's a classic recipe for a tequila sour:


2 ounces tequila

1 ounce fresh lemon juice

1/2 ounce simple syrup

1 egg white

Lime wedge, for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a shaker without ice.

Dry shake for 15 seconds to emulsify the egg white.

Fill the shaker with ice and shake for another 30 seconds.

Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with a lime wedge.