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Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe

Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe
  May 09, 2024

Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe

The Rusty Nail is a simple yet sophisticated cocktail that combines the smooth richness of Scotch whisky with the sweet and honeyed notes of Drambuie. Here's what you'll need to craft this timeless drink:


1 ½ ounces Scotch whiskey (blended or single malt)

¾ ounce Drambuie liqueur



Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Let it sit for a minute or two, then discard the ice water to ensure your glass is properly chilled.

Directly into the chilled glass, pour 1 ½ ounces of Scotch whisky and ¾ ounce of Drambuie.

Optional Garnishes:

Express the oils from a lemon twist over the drink and garnish with the twist for a touch of citrusy brightness.

Alternatively, use an orange peel expressed over the drink for a hint of citrus and a touch of visual appeal.


The choice of Scotch whisky significantly impacts the final flavor profile. Blended Scotch tends to be smoother and more approachable, while single malts offer a wider range of flavor profiles depending on the region and distillery. Choose a Scotch you enjoy neat to ensure a well-balanced cocktail.

While the classic recipe uses a 2:1 ratio of Scotch to Drambuie, feel free to experiment. Some prefer a drier drink with a bit less Drambuie ( ¾ ounce to 1 ounce of Scotch) or a sweeter version with a more prominent Drambuie presence (equal parts Scotch and Drambuie).

While typically built directly in the glass, you can stir the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass for additional chilling and dilution. However, stirring too much can affect the texture and body of the drink.

Enjoy the Rusty Nail!

This easy-to-make cocktail is perfect for those who appreciate the smooth complexity of Scotch with a touch of sweetness. Experiment with different Scotches and ratios to discover your ideal Rusty Nail. Sip responsibly and savor the timeless combination of Scotch and Drambuie!