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Sidecar: A Classic Cocktail with a Spirited Kick

Sidecar: A Classic Cocktail with a Spirited Kick
  April 30, 2024

Sidecar: A Classic Cocktail with a Spirited Kick

The Sidecar is a timeless cocktail boasting a sophisticated blend of cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. This delightful drink, believed to be a descendant of the Brandy Crusta, is a beautiful example of balanced flavors and simplicity in preparation.


2 ounces VSOP Cognac (adjust based on your desired brandy strength)

1 ounce orange liqueur (such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier)

¾ ounce fresh lemon juice

Garnish (optional):

Sugar rim

Lemon twist


Prep for Perfection:  Freshly squeezed lemon juice is essential for the best tart and bright flavor.

Chill and Assemble: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

Shake it Up!: Shake vigorously for 30 seconds to combine and chill the ingredients. Shaking helps release the fragrant oils from the lemon peel and ensures all the flavors are well-integrated.

Straining in Style: Strain the concoction into a chilled coupe glass.

Garnishing Glory (optional):  For a touch of elegance, rim your glass with sugar and add a lemon twist. Here's how to achieve a perfect sugar rim:

Moisten the rim of your chilled coupe glass with a lemon wedge.

Dip the rim into a shallow plate filled with granulated sugar.


Cognac Choice: VSOP cognac offers a good balance of age and flavor for this recipe. Feel free to experiment with different cognacs to discover your preference. You can also substitute brandy for cognac, but be aware that the flavor profile might differ slightly.

Orange Options: Cointreau and Grand Marnier are both popular orange liqueurs for Sidecars. Cointreau offers a drier orange flavor, while Grand Marnier has a touch more sweetness and complexity.

Sweetness and Tartness: The beauty of the Sidecar lies in its balanced flavors. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add a bar spoon (about ¼ ounce) of simple syrup to the shaker before shaking. You can also adjust the amount of lemon juice to your taste preference.

Non-alcoholic Twist: Want a refreshing mocktail? Combine equal parts orange juice and lime juice. Add a splash of simple syrup for a touch of sweetness and top with club soda for some fizz.

A Timeless Classic

The Sidecar is a testament to the power of simplicity and balance. With its combination of cognac's warmth, orange liqueur's sweetness, and lemon juice's tartness, it's a delightful and sophisticated cocktail that's stood the test of time. So grab your shaker, raise a glass to a timeless classic, and experience the joy of creating your own Sidecar!