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The Statesman: A Refined Cocktail for Yamazaki 25 Year Whiskey

The Statesman: A Refined Cocktail for Yamazaki 25 Year Whiskey
  March 15, 2024

The Statesman: A Refined Cocktail for Yamazaki 25 Year Whiskey

The Yamazaki 25 Year Single Malt Whiskey is a treasure, boasting layers of complexity and a smooth, aged character. To create a cocktail worthy of this exceptional spirit, we present "The Statesman" – a sophisticated and balanced drink that complements the whiskey's depth without overpowering it.


Yamazaki 25 Year Single Malt Whiskey - 2 oz
Dry Vermouth - 0.5 oz
Orange Curaçao - 0.25 oz
• Angostura bitters - 2 dashes
• Orange twist - for garnish

Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky 25 Year 750ML   



1. Chill your coupe glass. Fill it with ice and let it sit for a minute. Discard the ice before building your cocktail.
2. Combine all liquid ingredients (Yamazaki 25, Dry Vermouth, Orange Curaçao, and Angostura bitters) in a mixing glass filled with ice.
3. Stir gently for 20-30 seconds. Dilution is key for a balanced cocktail, so don't over-stir.
4. Strain the chilled cocktail into your prepared coupe glass.
5. Express the orange twist over the drink to release the essential oils. Gently discard the twist or use it as a garnish on the rim of the glass.

Flavor Profile:

The Statesman highlights the Yamazaki 25's subtle sweetness with a touch of orange citrus from the Curaçao. The dry vermouth adds a touch of botanical complexity, while the Angostura bitters provide a hint of spice and depth. The result is a refined and elegant cocktail that allows the Yamazaki 25's nuanced flavors to shine.


• Use high-quality ingredients, especially the Yamazaki 25 Year. This is a cocktail meant to savor the finer things.
• Chilled glassware ensures your drink stays refreshingly cold.
• Stirring gently prevents excessive dilution, which can water down the flavors.
• Freshly expressed orange peels release the most fragrant oils.
• Adjust the amount of Angostura bitters to your taste preference. Start with 2 dashes and add more for a stronger bitter note.

The Perfect Occasion:

The Statesman is a sophisticated cocktail ideal for special occasions or a quiet evening of indulgence. It's a conversation starter, perfect for sipping and savoring the intricate flavors of the Yamazaki 25 Year alongside good company. Enjoy crafting and experiencing this delightful cocktail!